Medical Scientific & Chemicals Co.

Medical Scientific & Chemicals Co. is one of the leading companies in Jordan Since 1983 in:
  • Analytical and test equipments for Quality control, medical, industrial, water and sewage labs.
  • Educational and teaching engineering equipments for universities, colleges, vocational training centers and schools.
  • Fine and high purity Chemicals for labs
  • Industrial raw materials and supplies for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemicals industry.
  • Lab supplies, disposables and glassware.
  • Lab furniture.
  • Consultation services for labs and industries.
  • After sales service.
MSCC customers include:
  • Pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and paint industries.
  • Clinical laboratories; microbiology, pathology, Biochemistry.
  • Hospital and public health laboratories.
  • Universities, colleges, vocational training centers and schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Research and diagnostic centers.
  • Governmental and private sectors.